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Just Got Promoted To Level 2 Today - Happy for this and will do my best to keep on giving!


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Hey guys!

Some time ago (15 January) I posted a thread that I got my Level 1 badge and was so happy for it. Today, I just got promoted to Level 2 and you can imagine on how I feel about it! I never thought I will be enjoying working on here this much!

I love working with people, working on orders and doing what I love. Thanks for the opportunity and thanks to everybody! You’re the best. 🙂

Congratulations for everyone that got promoted and for who hasn’t, don’t give up - I am sure you will soon. Be sure to provide your best, always be online, ready for orders, well-mannered and don’t ever give up hope! 🙂

It’s been a great journey so far. Thanks and good day to you all, and stay safe in these times.

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