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My completion rate is down day by day without any reason


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My completion rate is down day by day without any reason. Please how can improve this situation. thanks

without any reason

The reason is that your completion rating takes the average completed orders TOTAL for the last 60 days. So if you completed an order 61 days ago, as of today that order no longer counts towards your average completion. For this reason if you have any cancellations within the last 60 days, the average rating is subject to change slightly week by week or daily (depending on how many cancellations you’ve had in the last 60 days).

By the way, I’ve had a look at your gig and you really should stop offering unlimited revisions. There’s no need and you will definitely have a buyer take advantage of that one of these days, and since you offer unlimited revisions Customer Support won’t have your back.

It also may be a bad idea to advertise 3-hour delivery right in your gig image. Do you sleep?

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