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Finally, my first order came in and was successfully completed!


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Hello, Fiverr Family,

I’d like to share my latest experience with you guys. Having joined this beautiful platform last year, I would say that at first, I was not serious. Because I rarely stayed online due to some stuff.

But earlier this year, January to be precise, my first order came in, however, I learned my lesson in a hard way. I was not online to attend to the prospect. By the time I showed up, the prospect was already gone.

I became mad at myself…WHY??? If my memory should still serves me right, I “Cried,” and “Wept” like a baby.

To cut the long story short, I finally received another order a few weeks ago from another prospect who has finally became a client.

To everyone out there, my advice for you is:

Learn how to be patient and resilient;
Sharpen your communication skill; and
Keep developing yourself.

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