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Want to improve my gig from second page to first page


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Hello everyone.
I am working as level one seller on fiver,
It’s been 2 month i am not getting any clients messages of my best selling gig, and i did check my gig is on second page.
I want to move my best selling gig from second page to first page.

Please give me some advise how can i do that?
Below attached is my gig click,views e.t.c and the red one is my best selling gig.

fiver analysis1366×627 66.6 KB
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Please check this Post it`s may help you.

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. Today I will talk about you, most ranking factor for Fiverr gig. So many people asked how to rank my gig in Fiverr 1st page? Here is this question answer… Get Idea How to Create a awesome gig on Fiverr and rank 1st page. To create a awesome gig you can 20+ same service gigs, Than make a note which is the most part of each gig, Example different of Title, tag and * *** description and all part of a single gig.* Collect and Make: …

here is my gig can you take a look on it


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