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How Do I Close Out A Completed Gig That Wrongly Appears Overdue?

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I completed a gig and the client asked for something additional after an on-time completion. Reasonably or not, I obliged at no extra charge but after the original gig deadline.

However, the client never marked the original gig as completed, he has now ‘ghosted’ on me, and the Fiverr app seems to assume that I never completed the job and the overtime clock is ticking.

I’m worried that this is going to affect my Fiver status and, in either case, I have no idea how to assure that it’s noticed that the gig was completed and accepted by the client on time.

Ideas on what I need to be doing?

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Might need to contact customer support about this one. Stay polite and be sure to include details, and possibly screenshots if they help present the problem.

Thanks. The gig now shows as completed and the client gave a five star rating. I can’t find anywhere that shows me whether or not my Fiverr status has somehow been compromised by the appearance of a late delivery, though. Where should I be looking? (Thanks for taking the time with these newbie questions!)

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