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BEST Discussion ( LETS SHARE ) (TUTS)

Guest macklove74232

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Guest macklove74232

Hello Everyone ,

No Doubt You must be thinking that i am purely here to promote my Gig like others but Hold on /Wait - I just came up with an ‘IDEA’ which will surely make new users on ‘fiverr’ as well as we level 2 , level 1 sellers to earn more of what we do & go beyond what we have not even expected to Do till now. So basically lets learn new things from one another (let others sellers learn what we do & how we do & Return Get the a Share from their side ).

=How is it possible :=

  • For an Example lets take my Gig ( Virtual Assistant ) I deal with new work requirements every time & what i do is I come up with new ideas how it can be done fast & professionally , Sometimes i Reject Orders Too 😛 So anyways lets get back to point … I will share my ideas ,tricks,tips & most importantly how it is Done .

  • If you are good at creating business cards show us how it is Done & In Return You will get to know other sellers works .

  • Don’t think that you might loose buyers from you’re Gig their is no way it can be done as buyers come again & again to your gig if you are best - so relax no one is stealing each others Gig in any manner ( Believe it as a TEAM WORK to make Our self get Educated any different parts )

    =How it can be Done : =

    This is how it Goes :

  1. The one who shares First will Get a Share from my side or from some else.

  2. The one who Shares & Expecting a Share should at least completed 15 to 20 orders on his particular Gig of which he likes to share a tutorial .

  3. No more then 8 Negative rating should be Presented on his/her individual Gig.

    **How sharing should be Done / Rules / Legal / Terms & Agreement (T&A) **

    = Everything that is getting shared should be in word document Password protected word file (Password can be PM’d ) to the ‘Seller/User’ one who request for that particular file. No Rar Files should be shared or any other links which make or compromise user identity details/ or harm their Pc/Computer / account.

    = No other things like personal contacts any other thing then tutorial should be shared .

    = Every ‘Share’ / ‘Tut’/ Should be in text format any other file like (Exe,jpg,bat,rar,…so on is not at all allowed ) want to share an image insert it into word file . or use (Tinypic)

    = Got a big Tutorial ? Create a video of it upload it on youtube share it with us 🙂

    = Any Applications , Serial keys , Cracks , Patch is not Allowed strictly ( If shared by any user Report that user to fiverr .com & He will be responsible for future legal actions taken by fiverr.com .

    = We are not responsible for Sellers/Buyers/Users downloading other files then text,Doc file. ( The one who downloaded the file for the first reply here with a message is it accordingly with T&A .

    = No download links should be shared in the Doc,Text files stating downloading this or that .

    = No Spam / No Promoting Gig Links in Doc or Text file .

    = For security Reasons Lets Assign Moderators to this Group they will be one who will go with the ‘Shared’ file first & make sure whether its according to (T&A) if it is then allowed others or recommend others to download it.

    = Moderator will be sharing the file password only after verifying and going through the ‘Shared file’ it will be good if he provides a virus scan check report.

    = Active users will be set to moderators .

    Before Starting anything let me know your views on this and Any other thing which can be implemented .

    Hope that sound’s Good .

    Contact me Anytime :


    Here is my Gig Link :

    B-) B-)
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Guest tumichael2

I don’t get your point fully. As I understand, everyone must share tuts in a doc file. So why don’t we just share them here?

Tu Michael

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Guest macklove74232

Reply to @tumichael2: You want every1 to share here directly n no doc files- sounds good but what if he is just a leecher hope you get my point now.

Anyways lets see what other user say abt it.

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The idea sounds nice in theory, but think about all the new buyers that instead of going to the person who started a type of gig and is the best at it will have too many people to choose from.

This will inevitably bring a decrease in orders if more people offer the same thing. Also, the quality of the full offer on the site might decrease.

I don’t know how many people would happily share things they have paid to learn or went through college for.

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