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New Argentinian in Freelance Services

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Greetings from Argentina.
My name is Roxana Furlan, and I am a new user/freelancer in Fiverr. It’s been a tough few days trying to obtain orders, but I haven’t had anything for now.
My speciality/ability is focused on content writing, largely with marketing or SEO purposes, aiming to spanish markets. The topics of which I have more deep knowledge are music, videogames, politics and economics.
I can rely that I am bilingual, I can handle both spanish and english, indeed in face to face conversations. Although, I am a little bit slow and, sometimes, I lack of some expressions when it comes to talk about more deep topics, like ethics, politics or economics. Anyway, I can express myself well, even when I am discussing about those topics. Moreover, I can have precarious talks in italian and I know some basics of portuguese (brazilian portuguese). Anyway, I have largely more comprehension than fluency, mostly because of the similarities between spanish, portuguese and italian.
Speaking about my experience in content writing, I have 2 years of experience on content writing.
I have nothing else to say. With that said, I hope the best experience here on Fiverr.

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