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For newbie's common question is- Why I’m not Getting Buyer Requests on Fiverr?


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Why I’m not Getting Buyer Requests on Fiverr? 😦

Let’s discuss the main reasons for why you don’t see buyer requests on Fiverr? For many reasons for example:-

  1. Wrong Service Category Selection
  2. ** Seller level Demotion**
  3. ** The buyer didn’t Opt for Buyer Requests**
  4. ** Time Difference**

Note for point number 2. Seller level Demotion
One of the big factors is your positive ratings & the Seller Level performance. If you are a new seller or demoted to the lower level due to bad ratings and reviews, then you can find Fiverr buyer requests empty.

In case, when you have an upgraded Seller level & positive ratings too and still can’t find the buyer requests, then there is problem in category selection.

Next Time I will try to wrote here for 5 Tips on How to Get More Buyer Requests on Fiverr.

Best Regards,

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