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I haven't sold anything for a month


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Hello there! I’m here because an issue that seems to be happening to my account lately, I have a 5 stars score and the account since 2016. I took a short hiatus from the platform, and recently reactivated the account to retake comissions, but haven’t recieved a single comission in more than a month already, I knew that my flux of clients may not be as frecuent is it was back when I was fully active, but getting nothing at alla makes me wonder if theres something wrong with the diffusion of my services. that’s pretty much the core of the issue, I would be very happy if you could please see whats wrong, could fix it, or tell me what should I do to make it flow again, since I have already tried putting new material, and promos and nothings seems to change.

what I do?
Thanks for read

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