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What made you succeed


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Hello everyone, I see alot of new sellers coming on forum with the same questions. I would like to open a thread where people who have succeeded on fiverr post their experiences and learning so that others can benefit from them.
I would start from my own experience.
I started fiverr in 2015 and didn’t get order for first 6 months. Then realized that the gig details that I have entered are not adequate. Researched alot of similar gigs on fiverr and other platforms and then updated gig information.
Then I added certifications and experiences necessary and also gave fiverr tests.
This helped me and i started getting queries.
For my orders, I make sure that before delivering, I have a detailed discussion with my clients and ensure that we both are on one page before I deliver the work. This has helped me getting 5 star always.
Another thing to consider is whatever price you agree at start, never negotiate it after the project has started unless the scope defined by the buyer has been changed by him. This is very important to consider.

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I know it’s an unpopular opinion on the forum to suggest that luck has anything to do with it, but honestly - I did get lucky with my gigs.

My experience was pretty limited but I knew I had the skills to deliver high quality voice-overs and my husband already owned a beast of a mic, so I had that going for me.

Then a few sellers who needed outsourced voice-over work to be done for cheap found my gig and placed several orders in a row even though I had no reviews and my demo was mediocre quality.

If it weren’t for those sellers taking advantage of my extremely cheap prices, it probably would’ve taken me a lot longer to get off the ground so… cheers to them I guess haha 😅

I think the reason I’ve been so successful on Fiverr lately though is because my customer service is stellar. I treat all clients as if they’re long-standing clients of mine, and they appreciate that.

Also… the work I deliver is… really good. I get imposter syndrome a lot on here because I’m just like any other self-loathing millenial, but lately I’ve started realizing that I actually am good at what I do, I am consistent in the quality of my customer service and deliveries, and I work really hard to stay on top of my work.

So yeah… be good I guess? Haha! Love y’all xox

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