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Unreasonable BUYER


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I have been having a terrible experience with a buyer. (my first unfortunately.)

It’s been 2 weeks and he still hasn’t marked the order as complete, not left any positive ratings.

I know he paid $5 for my gig but now he acts like he OWNS me.

The gig was delivered as per the specifications and have been as accommodating as possible, but even after 20 revisions later this guy is still being completely unreasonable.

He conveniently cancels orders after receiving the delivered product and is now THREATENING to leave negative feedback if I do not comply with his unlimited modification requests.

I gave up on Fiverr and was completely hassled (and got me thinking this is how the website is going to be and I should accept it) due to his harassment until I met another buyer who was amazing.

Which brings me to the conclusion that this guy might just be and exception and a complete pain.

It’s been so annoying and depressing I don’t really mind foregoing the money that’s rightfully due to me.

Unfortunately however, FIverr does not seem to have any sort of support system (options) to support the Seller. I cannot seem to find a place to report/audit this transaction.

Staying optimistic. Hope I’m provided with a solution.


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