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I am a new Freelancer in Fiverr Marketplace


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Hi Friends,

This is Shakibul Ajam from Bangladesh. 🙂

I am a bachelor student, completing my graduation and besides this, for extra earning, I am at Fiverr. Today I am posting my first post here. I don’t know about the Fiverr Forum.

I also created some GIGs on photography and data entry.

Hey friends, can you help me selling these gigs and getting my first order?

Here are the GIGs I’ve been published:

  1. I will be your virtual assistant for data entry and web research
  2. I will remove background, retouch and do photoshop editing
  3. I will edit photo, transparent background, skin tone and retouch with the best quality

IMG_20200214_1149132016×1512 1.54 MB

This is my Workplace

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Guest lloydsolutions

You need to remove the Fiverr logo from all of your gig images.

Check this out:

Enjoy the forum. 🙂

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