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Scammer (Buyer) trying to make scam with me


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I hope you are all doing great. I just lost 5 days from my life with nothing I get. I did a lot of work and got nothing from the Buyer. I was trying to do my best for that buyer on WIx website. Taking lot of time. In this time If I promote my GIG I would get more Jobs on Fiverr.

The Buyer is trying to scam with me. Before he made a dispute request he messaged me that that was the last modifications and told me I did lot of work etc. His Job was done and now I can see he made a dispute after delivering my order. This is totally scammed.

Another Buyer who pay less and want more from me. I designed the whole WordPress website then that buyer made cancellation request. I accepted and did not deleted the website what I made with 4 days. But from this time I have to take strong decision. Bad guys are every where. You have to take a strong decision against these guys.

I accepted his dispute request and by this time I went to his wix account and choose a demo wix site then assign his premium wix plan to new demo website. Then delete his original one which I designed.

How I will understand and handle this kind of situation?

Is there a any way like:
If someone trying to make order to sellers Gig they will be asked to contact seller first and request a custom offer from Seller?

Share me your experience.

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You’re not the first. You’ll not be the last.

Here’s some good reading, so you can better know what to look for.

Hello Fiverr sellers. Although I sell voice work I think this topic is universal to us all. I’m starting to notice a trend of things that hoist up the old warning flag that something isn’t right with a buyer. What are some things that start raising red flags with you?
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