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Do you know something about the message "available for offers" we have on our gigs?


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This morning, navigating Fiverr and checking some friend gig, I saw this new message on gigs: available for offers written in orange.

Well, problem is that I have that message too on every of my gigs, but I can’t see it being logged (my friends sent me the screenshot they see).

So I tried to check if on my gigs I have the opportunity to remove it, but the answer is no; then tried on my profile, but didn’t find anything useful…

So, is this another addon we don’t know anything about?

What exactly means “available for offers”? I’m not that kind of person 😃

Finally: if someone thinks that this could be related to the new iOS Fiverr App, I think it’s not, 'cause I’ve never used it (I don’t have an iPhone).

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I get that all the time anyway madmoo - I’m not sure why people think we would drop even further than the rock bottom prices on Fiverr.

One guy yesterday was after a $25 discount on a $30 job and seemed quite offended when I said no.

Fiverr is a great place but I think it needs to be made clear - or MORE clear - to buyers that we are not here to give away our time.

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