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Successfully completed my first order after 2 weeks!

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After 2 weeks of dutifully answering buyer requests on the rare occasions that they appeared, trying to promote my Gig, and staying online as much as possible, I was starting to get a bit disheartened. My Gig wasn’t getting very many impressions. I knew that 14 days wasn’t a long time to wait for a sale on Fiverr, but it did make me wonder if anyone would want my proofreading services.

But then a buyer contacted me! After discussing the details, I ended up proofreading their book and getting my first 5-star review.

2 weeks was a much shorter wait than I was expecting - in fact, I wasn’t truly expecting I would ever make any money. But I did it! If you’re still waiting for your first sale, or even your second or third, don’t give up. If what you’re offering is good enough, you will find a buyer.

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I know how it feel waiting for order after putting a lot of effort :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m promoting my gig, sending buyer request and still waiting for order 😐 Best of luck with your Gigs - I’m sure you’ll get your first order soon.

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