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Buyers can post a note on the order and it WON'T start the timer :)


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Maybe this is a handy new feature that Fiverr needs to consider:

I get quite a few orders where the buyer instead of posting the info I need to start working, posts a question or a message that says: “I’m gathering all the info for you”.

Of course this action starts the timer on the order, and sometimes the buyer then disappears for days.

Maybe there should be two buttons:

One for notes or questions

and one that actually starts the order. (this one maybe needs to have a pop-up that warns the buyer that the timer will start and that he/she better check what he posted, much like we sellers have when we deliver an order with no files attached)

Who’s with me??? 🙂


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Yes, this needs to be simple enough so that buyers can handle it and not get more confused than they already do get with the current system.

I agree @bachas85, but it seems like fiverr would never go for that kind of thing. Giving sellers a right to refuse an order.

Still a “needs more info” button seems like something we need, and Fiverr might get on board with. 🙂

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kjblynx said: The whole set up of ordering needs to be worked out. I would prefer if buyers submit the information for the order before the order goes through and the seller accepts or rejects it.


YES!! This one feature would solve countless problems with communication. I get it too where a seller sends a message and doesn't give me their information until I send several daily reminders (which is in my "bank" of copy and paste notes).



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