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Follow these Steps to Get Started


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Follow these Steps to Get Started:

Here are some great steps that you can do to start on your Fiverr success journey right away!

Step - I: Connect to Fiverr .com Even though getting registered on any site that requires a sign up a minute or two, it is highly suggested that you spend at least 10 minutes on registration to create your profile, for it actually helps with the buyers recognizing who you are and establishing a relationship. Choose an effective name and add a striking profile image. The third task is to add a description who you are, how you can help others and why your services are different from others. Once you are done, you are ready to move forward…

Step - II: Establish Some Gigs After launching three to five gigs on Fiverr, now it’s a time to uphold what you have been offering. Once more, another secret trick is to make use of tags when you post your new gigs.

Step - III: Reply To Requests Aim to reply as many requests as possible without spamming, or you may get banned. You can even copy-paste your offers making some simple customization or you can forward them to your gig urls.

Step - IV: Make Reputation It is true that you can make money on Fiverr simply, but the negative ratings surely affect your earning potential. Maintain a clean reputation and in case something bad happens, give appropriate explanations. You are given chance to reply the negative rating by buyers and make it clear to the other buyers why it happened.

Step - V: Leverage other platforms To be sincere, you can sell most of the stuff you buy on Fiverr.com for at least 2 to 3 times higher prices on other platforms. Find other platforms like oDesk or glance to get more leads and more buyers.

Step - VI: Have several accounts This can really be helpful if you want to focus on some special services through one account and something else using the other. This could also be helpful if you have some issues with one of your
account or have negative ratings.

Stay blessed… if you need any help regarding data entry, virtual assistant, research related problems and content writing and IT/computer science related assistance… feel free to contact… we all are learners here 🙂

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