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Gig does not show in search result


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Previously my gigs was in search results and i have got orders. but in last few months i got nothing and impressions,clicks also very low. I checked in search result if my gig is showing or not. it was not there even it filtered online users. What is the solution for this. Anyone can give me a solution it will be very helpful me.

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check if your gig is active or pending. Follow these steps.
1- click on your image on the top right corner
2- click on Help & support
3- click on Seller help center
4- click on Contact us in the bottom
5- select Gig from the dropdown menu
6- select My gig doesnt appear in search
7- find your gig and it will tell you if its either Pending or Active

You might also want to contact support and ask what is going on with that gig…

hope this helps. good luck

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