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Need advise! Buyer cancelled the order!


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Hello everyone!

2 weeks after completing my first work received a message for 50$ service (Mentioned in the msg that budget is 50$) of web research and buyer asked for a sample file with 5 records before making the order. I was excited and believed that buyer. So, I spent my 3 hours for sample file. Sent it via message option and buyer liked it, appreciated it. After that asked me how many records I can do within 50$ budget and there were little negotiations. But in the next day, buyer sent a message and told me that buyer doesn’t need this service anymore. If anything changes will let me know.

I was so shocked and think that buyer get someone else with less rate using my sample file. Really disappointing!!!

Please advise me, if my way of communication with buyer was right or I need to improve in some points.

Thank you in advance!

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