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Share your best experience with a buyer!


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I come across great buyers almost all the time, about 97% of my buyers have being great. They ask questions before placing any order and are aware of what the gig is all about and what they are going to get. A quick anecdote about a great experience with a buyer; just a couple days ago i received an offer request from a client who wanted to see if i could help them with their product, they had already tried by themselves but had no positive results and was loosing money, they were desperate basically about to give up, so i took a look at their product, and created a launch plan with a step by step process for them to follow to try and save their product, and this buyer was very happy with the results , he even came back with a tip (which is always appreciated 🙂 ), and express his gratitude and told me that he knew now what was wrong with his approch, and that he had confidence now on what he needed to do. A buyer’s experience like this one is what i try to accomplish for all my clients, but i understand not all will be like this one. So please share any latest positive experience with your buyers! 🙂

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