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Please review my gig.my gig is not ranking

Guest loremlyrics

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@loremlyrics Some suggestions:
Correct your typos and grammatical errors.
Make sure words are properly capitalized when needed, especially essential words such as “I”
Play around with different keywords, see what works and what doesn’t.
Market your own business, it’s the number one way to get work. Fiverr won’t do the work for us. Marketing our individual businesses are our responsibility as a freelancer.
Once you start getting more sales, you’ll automatically be ranked higher due to your number of clicks on your page.
Try playing around with different titles, and see which keywords work best for you there as well.
Make sure you have an SEO title as well as a regular headline title, and that it has good keywords.
PS: I’m no expert, but these are all things I’ve heard and/or learned myself along the way. Good luck! 🍀

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