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About blocking a buyer


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hello everyone, I wanted to ask you something about blocking a buyer. I happened to do a job for a buyer, the job was done and I got paid. subsequently the same buyer contacted me to do another job, but he wanted to pay me a rather low amount. I replied that for that amount I could do the job but without revisions. he replied no, I apologized and explained that I do comics-style illustrations, and that perhaps I was not suitable, and I received an “F O T” as an answer. I’ve been told it’s a bad word, I don’t know it. I would like to avoid this person continuing to write to me and above all to send me offers, my question is that this person is marked as “top buyer” and I have a new profile, I don’t want to have repercussions. can you advise me what to do? thank you all sorry for the long message.

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