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How much has Fiverr changed?


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About 5 years ago I ran a really successful Logo design gig, within the first day I got a first buyer and it was fairly easy to jump to top sellers. Then I started getting a lot of freelance work outside of Fiverr so I closed my profile.

I created a new profile a couple of years ago but never used it. Now I need some extra cash and just came back and created a new Logo Design gig.

How much have things changed in terms of getting first buyers? I’ve realised there’s a lot more competition, so how do buyers even notice new gigs? I tried using Buyer Requests but no requests show up.

Unfortunately I can’t promote my gig on my social media, as I have quite a good reputation within the design community and that would go if clients knew I was using Fiverr and working for much less money.

So how do you guys make it work now? Is it worth spending the time and effort giving Fiverr a go now?

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