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Keep calm and make sales on Fiverr!


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One of the things that many of us wonder when starting an online or offline business is: How to make more sales?

This is probably the first question that goes back and forth inside our heads, and you know, with great reason, because without sales simple there is no business, right?

I’ve been experimenting a little bit here on Fiverr and I’ve seen that my experiments have brought different results, each time I decide to change something I take notes and record everything, so I can pretty much tell you a big story. But to be honest, you don’t want to read a long story, right? So I decided that I was going to give you a shorter version of my findings and at the same time, something that is useful.


You know, doing business is very simple, at least in my experience that is what I’ve found. But a different story is to learn how to do business, this can take you ages and with each failure you can either gain experience and use it, or get completely discouraged.

This is why here I wanted to tell you that the first thing that you need to think about is if your business, product, or service is useful or not. This is the way I see it. If you can’t sell your gig to your mother if she was in your target audience, your service may not be useful to anybody. This has to do a lot with those guys who offer BS, hey, I don’t blame you; I did the same thing in the past, which is why I say I’ve been experimenting.

Ask yourself that question first and you’ll start your way to success not only here on Fiverr but on every single business that you are running. Please don’t get me wrong. There is a market for everyone, and the proof are all these bizarre and fun services that people offer here on Fiverr. What I’m saying is that even those bizarre services are useful in some way, that’s all I’m saying.


When your service is useful, chances are that people will pick you up very fast, and remember, Fiverr content editors are also people, and they win not when you win, but when your (and ultimately their) customer wins. This is what ensures that they keep promoting your service, so if you want to keep making money here on Fiverr, just make sure to keep giving people valuable stuff.

This has been my number one strategy for making sales, and actually it is more than just words, I act upon them.

I would love to know your opinion about this post, also, I plan to keep posting more of my findings and strategies that are working well for me. I’m still not a super seller here, but I guess that won’t prevent me from sharing my good stuff with everyone.



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