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New Professional Video Editor here, straight from Full Sail

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Hello everyone,

I’m Vasili Rodriguez, a young, talented Video Editor that is fresh from college, looking to provide my skill and experience with After Effects and Premiere Pro to clients all across the site. Without an abundance of drop opportunities at the moment, I thought I’d try becoming a freelance editor to make up for some college tuition I still need to pay off. Video editors seem to be in high demand these days so I’m seeking customers that require fast and efficient editing to their liking.

As a new user on the platform, I look forward to working with you all closely and can’t wait for the journey that lies ahead.

Sincerely, Vasili R.

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Welcome and good luck, friend! I am trying to become a video editor too, but it’s very difficult for me. Can you give me some pieces of advice? I would be very grateful for that! First of all, I am interested in what app are you using to edit your videos? I have tried a lot of different services, and for me, the best one so far is offeo. This is definitely the best intro maker, as it’s very simple to use, and even a begginer like me is able to use it. Also, it makes amazing intros, which makes this service irreplaceable for any video editor. However, I am really curious to read how are you editing your videos, maybe I will find something new for me

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