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Buyer didnot respond and order is late more than 30 days


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Hi Team,
Please help!

I have finished and submitted the order within the order due time but the buyer took more days to test! He then sent a message that everything works fine but at that time the order become late so I asked the buyer to extend the delivery time! But he did not come online or he didn’t respond after that. I was periodically sending messages to the buyer but there is no response! The work was done but now I cannot deliver since there is no response from the buyer.

I did waited for the buyer response as suggested by customer support but now the problem is the order is late more than 30 days so the deliver extending option disappeared (as we cannot extend the delivery more than 30 days) I couldn’t find the option now!
Previous delivery requests has expired!
Buyer didnot respond and it’s totally buyer’s fault!
I cannot bare a heavy loss in percentage since I have done a very few orders in past 60 days (now I am working in an organisation so I cannot work full-time in fiver ). If this order affects a major part of decrease in percentage then it might result in level demotion.

Now what shall I do?
I need a serious solution!
Please assist!
Thank you so much!

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We are sellers, we can’t share a solution. The simplest solution is to cancel. But still, you need to go to Customer Support and they will tell you what to do. We can only speculate here.

Thank you!

Please let me know whether cancelling now will not generate an auto negative feedback ‘buyer failed to finish work on time’


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