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Best SEO strategy for gigs ranking (I found useful)


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Hello guys,
Today I am gonna share my 2 months experience for best SEO strategy for your gigs.

  1. Short titles with Low competition keywords (Maximum 3 keywords)

  2. Category suitable for your service.

  3. 5 Tags with 3 keywords which are in your title and 2 more low competition keywords

  4. Use of keywords in pricing categories.

  5. Adding FAQs (Tip to show yourself a professional)

  6. Small but Professionaly written description using all the 5 keywords.

  7. All the requirements you need to get your clients job done.

  8. A good video explaining your service (60s length)

  9. Eye catchy Thumbnails

  10. Sharing on social media but don’t spam your gig link by randomly sharing maximum times a day.

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