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I am a new seller.........need some knowledge from fiverr community


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Guest cubittaudio


You’re going to have to ask your client if they would be willing to extend the deadline of the order. You do this via the ‘Visit the Resolution Center’ button in the upper right of your order screen.

Your client doesn’t have to accept, but you’re going to have to ask them. Then, for future orders, set a realistic timeframe that you’ll be able to stick to. Clients don’t like it when you change the parameters of an order after the order has been placed.

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While the comment of @cubittaudio address how to approach to current problem, here’s mine solution when negotiating terms.

Let’s say I calculated it will take me 7 days.

I always say to customer (example):

this is likely take me 7 days to complete, but I will add 3 more - making it 10 as an additional headroom if you are ok with that? (unplanned events, etc…)

  • therefore 10 days is guarantee and you have 3 days of headroom shall something unplanned happens, and all of mine customers were ok with that.

You never know know what is going to happen, so adding like 30% more and making customer aware what is planned and what is a headroom gives you flexibility to handle this sort of situations. Moreover, they are very happy when they receive on day 7 rather then last minute thus building a trust.

Note that this also establish a more trust by a customer since you are demonstrating serious approach taking into account unplanned situations as well, - customers will appreciate that at least from my experience.

Hope it helps for your future work.

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Both answers are correct. What i would add would be to give out more value than what the customer is expecting, since you couldn’t finish the job on time. So for example if your services are 1 logo design, I would add more value to this order by giving the customer a couple extra concept ideas, maybe an ebook about their industry, maybe even a discount for a future order, so that the customer feels appreciated and their experience here on fiverr is not a negative one. Just some suggestions, i hope you resolve this issue and continue on your journey 🙂

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