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There are 2 things that mostly attract sales: Presentation and promotion.

For presentation, make sure you are making your gigs attractive and unique. Try to make them stand out from the rest of the gigs. Use attractive titles, relevant tags, upload a video, write a clear description. Always offer more than the majority. Also try to get repeat customers by doing a great job and getting positive reviews.

For promotion, use social media (facebook and twitter mostly) find relevant groups and suggest your gigs (never spam). Upload your video to youtube with a link back to your gigs. Maybe comment on a few forums, always adding value to the conversation while suggesting to people to visit your gigs. Find original ways to promote your gig and do so on a daily basis. I do it for about 10 minutes a day and it adds up over time.

Hope this helps. Good luck


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First, make sure that you have a video with all of the gigs that you are trying to advertise. This makes a huge difference. I currently have two gigs. Both of them have been up since October and only one of them has a video. The gig with the video has been my only source of revenue and brought me to Level 2. The other gig has no sales.

Also, it may be helpful to advertise the gig elsewhere as whiteboard_guy has mentioned. Since I don’t use social media all that much, I buy other gigs from sellers that can help me advertise my services. This has been helpful to me as well.

Good luck!

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