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Managed to get 2 Orders in the same Weekend!


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So I ended up getting an order for two different gigs of mine this weekend Success!

I think the reason partly for this is categorizing my gigs and not leaving them loving vague and generic, now I hope that the 5* review i have so far can help me get more sales!

What is the best way to keep more orders coming in after your first positive review?

These are my gigs that each got an order:



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If i would be a buyer, i wouldnt order, since you dont have any sample video 🙂

Keep giving them more, then they paid for :wink: Thats how i get atleast 5 orders a week 🙂 Sometimes 4 a day.

Thanks! I’ll definitely look to include a sample video based upon the order i made, fingers crossed it makes my gig look more appealing!

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