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Level 2 and Waiting to become Top Rated Seller


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Hi, i’m level 2 seller and waiting for become TRS.

I don’t know if I’m qualified or not because i joined at 2018 but active on selling at August 2019. Reaching level 1 on September and finally reached level 2 in October 2019. Finally reach all requirement to be TRS at last January.

I checked all forum post that so many people that failed become a Top Rated Seller even though they did a great job, but still I don’t know how many volume sales they have.

So for now, I want to share my status :

Response Rate : 100%
Rating : 4.9
Order Completion : 4.9
Delivered on Time : 4.9
Average Sales : $80.83
Earning in January : $5407 (increased steadily per month)

If someone has status and volume sales higher than me but still not going to be TRS (or maybe in my own categories), I will give up hoping to be TRS. Since as far I know, my sales never going down.

But it’s nice become TRS since clearance payment only takes 1 week and more gig slots.

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