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Newbie alert ! Hi I'm New to Fiverr


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Hello everyone. I am a new seller on here…well, kinda…I joined a few months ago but had not discovered this forum. I’m a Video editor and animator. Anyway, its good to be here…I have been struggling, how to take browse and take jobs . I would appreciate any special tips from y’all experienced fiverrs.

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  1. No gig video ( NO CUSTOMERS)
  2. Wrong category

    3.Bad English

    4.Not good gig description, no information.

    4.Each gig package offers same thing, just different prices and delivery times.

Your profile is waay to behind the normal fiverr gig.

If i would be you , i would check how people does the profiles, and figure it out how to imporve your own.

No copy paste!

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