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Pointing to a No Brainer flaw!


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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to point to an obvious mistake made by the Fiverr team, which I believe No One ever thought about!

When creating a gig, On the Pricing page, when a seller set the price, one sees $5 option in Standard and Premium packages, As the minimum price is $5 on Fiverr, it should not be there. As it is obvious that the Seller will select $10 and $15 as a minimum price, respectively.

Best Regards,

Happy Freelancing

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You’re right, since the standard price is forced to be > the basic price they shouldn’t have $5 in the standard price list box and they shouldn’t have $5 and $10 in the premium one really. Unless they ever decided to allow more price options eg. $3, $7 etc.

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