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Fiverr: Improve your Algorithm


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I woke up this morning depressed and angry! How long do I need to wait, 8 months? 10 months? or 2 years? I still do not understand the rationale behind not getting orders with over 300 reviews while folks with 1,2 or 3 reviews are getting orders.

I understand that fiverr is trying to make the platform free and fair all sellers but is it really fair? Please fix your algorithm!

Personally, I think rotation of gigs should not be more than a month or two so other sellers won’t wait for a long period but reverse is the case, I have been waiting for over 5 months now, it tiring and frustrating and when you try to speak with support, it’s either they tell your gig is fine or they just send a generic message to you. We all know something is not right. All I want is a Free and Fair playing ground for all sellers.
Nothing more! Nothing less!

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