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How do I initiate a rating dispute?


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I got TRS and had a couple of 1-star reviews. It’s not about having a perfect profile so don’t fret about reviews or it’s going to mess with your approach. You can’t win them all.

Still, it remains a possibility that someone could undercut me on the chosen package in the future. It seems like a no-win situation since the options are: 1) cancel and take a hit, 2) tell the buyer you require more money & risk a bad revenge review, 3) eat the loss.

The assumption here is a mistake that I see a lot of people making. For the most part in my own experience, those who place an order at a lower price don’t seem to realize that they have done anything wrong. When you tell them that the package they require is more in a clear way, with a custom extra for them to accept, most are happy enough to pay it.

Assuming that the buyer is always out to get you or doing something underhanded causes a lot of sellers a lot of problems and unnecessary worry. Similarly, wording your gig to try keep “bad buyers” away will actually put off many normal people as it can make you sound argumentative and unprofessional.

Annoying/bad buyers are part and parcel of any business. Deal with them professionally by either sticking up for yourself and not compromising, or by cancelling at the earliest opportunity. Then move on to the next.

Good point. In this case though it’s likely that my original wording was too pliable. I shouldn’t imply that the guy was a bad buyer - it’s likely he would have understood had I sent him an explanation. He was a first time buyer, too, so he probably didn’t understand the concept of custom orders.

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