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Gig not appear on search result


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hello there i have been working here over 4 years with more than 1k+ reviews i thought to share this experience coz this definitely help you i know that there for please read this vary carefully

as mentioned above i have been working here more than 4 years now currently im working as a graphic designer and my gig appear on 1st page mostly first page in first 2 lines but suddenly my order completion rate and onetime delivery BOTH rates decrease at the same time and demoted as a level 1 seller. from last moth my gig DID NOT APPEAR ON search result but gig status is active…by now no any single msg and no any new orders and my gig impression also going down seriously

so i just met a anther seller facing same problem…if you are active seller on fiverr DON’T LET DECREASE YOUR ORDER COMPLETION RATE AND ON TIME DELIVER RATES ON SAME TIME. definitely your gig will disappear search result. 5 moth ago i was demoted but my ontime deliver rate was 97% so i got new orders as as usual but this time i got nothing now im facing this prob over 1 month

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