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Can you help me choose profile picture?


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Hello, I can’t decide which profile picture will be better choice. I think first one looks great but I think it can be irritiating iff you see this type of photo 40 times in one conversation. Second one is without light and looks okay but my face looks like Im pissed off i think 😂

84238660_1654753164666343_4217998312369815552_o720×960 59.5 KB


86178044_1654736151334711_5655120092170551296_o717×715 87 KB
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Yea the problem with this one is that when it gets converted to fiverr avatar, it looks like I don’t have t-shirt which looks hilarious.

The one in your Fiverr profile at the moment looks fine. It is so small that nobody would notice any finer detail.

You have 2 orders in the queue so your buyers must think it looks fine too.

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