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No reliable seller to find!


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After writing to almost 10 sellers in a week NOT 1 answered!

Promising to deliver within 24 hours is a lie, because after a week not even a decent answer!

Dont we all get a notification from FIVERR there is a mail us???

A seller needs to sell, promote and react, a buyer should not have to beg to buy!

Or is it the buyers duty to write to 1273 sellers just to get one answer?

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Hi rhessing 🙂

sorry to hear that. I am a happy buyer (up to now I’ve only had only one bad experience) and as a seller I try to answer within 6 hours. Something must have happened. Sometimes people get ill or something. Of course 10 sellers in a row not answering… that is too much. But, there are thousands of other sellers on fiverr willing to help you and offer services.

hope you find what you are looking for 🙂

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Hi Happyspace,

thanks for your message. I never experienced this before!

From one I am sure he gets my messages. i bought FB likes, but day after day I am losing more than 30-40 likes. So I just wrote a message how/why possible and when it will stop.

A very normal question I think. He made we write 3 times, no answer.

So I decided to change my positive rating into bad, writing communicating with him is impossible.

Well within 8 hours a reaction. NOT answering, but BEGGING to take the negative rating away. So he IS reading my messages, but just thinking F**k you.

This guy doesnt belong here. Sorry.

Writing his name here, just to warn others about this behavior is not allowed because these ‘‘people’’ are even protected by sheriffs here. So scamming OK, warning forbidden.

In the meantime I have several people who are interested in buying likes.

So I ask myself who is the stupid one here…

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Guest ilovelogos

Hey! On behalf of all the sellers, I am sorry. It shouldn’t be the buyers duty to request for replies! If you ever need any designing, writing, song composing gig. Surely contact me! Here at your service! 🙂

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check your inbox, I wrote to, quote: '‘No problem, at least you answered. Thanks for that!

yeah, I wrote to 4 now, but nowhere a reply, so I wont buy from them, thats for sure.

I think nobody would go into a shop, put money on the desk and than waits what he gets for it.

I just had a question, and no answer at all from the seller.

So I wrote to 3 new ones, asked them info, NO answer.

OK, $5 is not a world amount, but I saw some opportunities working together, but no answer=no business.

Thank you again for communicating with me!’'



So I really dont understand why you feel hurt.

Sorry, but you dont have to be as you are not a ‘‘party’’ in this, you dont sell LIKES


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I did NOT find you, you reacted to a post of me dear!

If I specify to much here, and I experienced also that, it is removed by a sheriff…

Nice news to find out after a week of trying, but they are not all bot, as one wrote me and begged me to take the negative rating away… weird, but OK.

If this is in violation with the terms of Fiver, than why arent they removed?

why I could buy from one of them?

I am really surprised now…

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Guest herosplace

Hello rhessing,

So sorry for your experience. Fiver has over a million sellers and it would be gross to say that all sellers are non communicative. I am a seller and I am very communicative. I buy things from fiverr I have met other communicative sellers. I guess you could look harder. You will surely find what you are looking for.


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Hi Herosplace,

Thanks, ofcourse not all are the same.

Try harder? I has become a daily task, writing, searching.

I am very busy and active wrote to 19 now already in a private message, started several discussions here as you can see.

What more must/can I do?

I also have business to take care of.

To crazy for words that a buyer has to look and beg for a seller!

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There is NO reason to expect someone to respond to you in less than 24 hours. Add to that, it could be a whole lot more given time zone differences and the International Dateline when there are holidays.

The idea of changing Feedback is pretty aggressive.

Should the seller have said to you, “I have no idea why that’s happening or when it will stop, I can think of no reason it would be related to our gig work together.” Or even, "I’m not sure why, let me see if I can find anything…"

Sure. But I submit to you, the problem here is not Fiverr. Or Fiverr sellers.

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If you think I am trying just today, than you will have to wake up and read more!

I am trying for more then a week now!!!

How in heavens name they dare to write delivery within 24 hours if they dont even respond after a week!

The time zone is NOT 120 hours !!

The problem is NOT Fiverr, but at many sellers!

your remark I’m not sure… is totally based on air.

If I buy something and have a question about it, it is normal the seller, who should have the knowledge and experience, to explain, not think F**k you guy!

So questions are not allowed and seller are for sure not interested in selling more times to the same buyer, as you mention.

Great selling tactics …

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Hey Rhessing,

So sorry you have had such a bad experience. I really believe it’s because of the category you’re searching in. What kjblynx said is true, most gigs like that are bot services, as in you’re not getting real likes. Yes the person running the service is human and may respond to you but the likes you’re getting are fake. The fact that no one responds to you when you call them on it should be a big red flag.

As for responses, many sellers actually do respond regarding their gig, maybe not in 24 hours, but they do as everyone replying to you has stated. Most likely if a seller has a 24 hour express gig they will be busy with their current orders and message you when they are available.

A good majority of my sales are made up from repeat buyers, so your last comment doesn’t ring true.

Honestly if you want to find legit sellers, look in a legit category.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

-Albert Einstein

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Guest pavelbd

Hello rhessing,

As a seller I’m really feeling apology after hearing such a bad experience from you. By the way It’s also true that all sellers are not responsive & probably you should check their rank before contact. Choose minimum level 1 seller for better service. I’ll be glad if i can provide you my service (social marketing) & after getting it your idea about a seller will change. Best regards.

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Hmm… maybe they’re just not serious about their work - or their slammed with messages - hate when that happens!

but at this point in the game - with the amazing new app launched, there’s really no excuse to not get back to people… i’m able to answer messages 24/7 no matter where i am… unless i’m sleeping ha ha ;))

Go for Top Rated Sellers 😉 and pay for extra fast delivery - so worth it :-h

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