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Can't understand what is the path of success


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I am a new seller, I do website converting to android app. I will give all features that should contain websits’s android app for 5$. Such as notification services, admob, bookmark, download managers and many other features. Actually to do such kind of feature with app it need nearly 25$.

But I do it for 5 doller. But there is no any order. I used buyer request also. But the result is same.

How can I success?

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Welcome to the community of great creators @xeecoder. I wish you all the best for your freelance journey. As other people said everybody has its own success factor you need to create your own. It’s not all about selling cheaper things than others. It’s all about creating and find a unique selling point.

I can see you’ve only two gigs wheres you can offer 7 gigs. I would recommend you to create 7 if possible even with in the same domain/niche.

Below are a few recommendations to help you get a good start.

  1. Stay active as much as you can
  2. Use the Fiverr mobile app
  3. Take Fiverr Official Course for free
  4. Read the Fiverr eBook of 2020.
  5. Be patient, contribute to the forum.
  6. Help buyers to reach their goals.
  7. You’ll get what you deserve.
  8. Most importantly find your unique selling point or unique service you can offer.
  9. Find low competition services in your domain/niche
  10. Manage time according to US time zone.

Hope this helps.

Happy Helping


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