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Buyer Request - Race of the cheapest offer?


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Hope you’re well. I wanted to ask if buyer requests work for decent offers? It’s been a month but I have never heard back from any buyer using that feature. I would assume that my bidding process is slow, maybe because while I’m typing out my proposal there are 24,000 offers already sent?

Or is genuinely the cheapest offer that a buyer is availing - considering in mind, that I also freelance through other websites and in my one month of actively fiverring - I’ve observed that the mindset of an average buyer here is to buy everything for cheap. Maybe I’m wrong and I’m in the newbie bracket, that’s why its happening. Maybe I should try bidding for something as low as $5 and see if it works?

Would anyone want to share their experience and some insights on how does it all work and how can one benefit from buyer request and actually win something from it.

Thanks a lot for your time.


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