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From newbie to Level 2 in ~6 months


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Hey everyone!

I started my Fiverr journey around the end of July. The wife and I decided that I should try to pursue voice acting work as a side gig while watching my son at home. I whipped up a profile, made a demo reel, and went live.

Sadly, I’ll I got was spam for the first couple of weeks (No, you can’t have my Upwork account!) and I figured this site wasn’t going to pan out. Then I got an order. It was small, but it got things rolling. Then I got another and another. It wasn’t fast or lucrative.

Eventually, we decided to spend a little bit of money on better sounding recording equipment and see if this could go somewhere. And boy did it ever.

I passed 100 orders on December 5th and 200 orders last week. Reached Level 1 in November and Level 2 in January.

While I’m still not making tons of money, the experience has been great and it’s really helped me to push forward with the idea of making a career as a voice over actor.

Sadly, I still get spam messages every once in a while. Those folks are persistent! 😃


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I’m glad that I’m a part of this platform. I’ve joined fiver just a few days ago. Got an order and completed it tomorrow. But today I have not got and order. I don’t how it works but still I’m hoping for the best. And yeah you did a great job. May you get more and more success.

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