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Bad experience from a buyer


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I am very sad today. last day I got a message from a buyer who asked me to give him a similar sample of the given image by him. After a short conversation, I start to make that sample for him. After 1 hour I converted his image from jfif into jpg than create high resolution from his low-resolution image and try to make better image quality. Finally, I used 2020 as a watermark then I sent him. After a long period, he back online and used some bad words for me. He called me a thief , liar and etc. I am a new seller here. So I can’t understand what is my fault and what should I do now.
Please help me.

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Did the buyer make an order for this?

In any case, I think the buyer may well have been expecting to get free work from you … so you did exactly the right thing.

Some buyers get frustrated when they don’t get free work.

No, he didn’t make any order. Oh, I see.

Thanks for your information.

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