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Hello everyone! Fiverr got a new illustrator ;)

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Hello everyone!

I’m Sarah from Germany and I’m an illustrator. I like to draw mostly in black and white with lines and dots and sometimes some colors. Since 2018 I had finnished my Bachlor of Fine Arts.

Who else is drawing here?

I hope we will have a good time here on fiverr!



Who else is drawing here?

Well, since you asked… 😉

Here’s a little something different for the forum. I was asked by @ssj1236 and @zeus777 to share some images of my graphite (i.e., pencil) portraits. I had made a comment in the topic (linked below) about the fact that I draw portraits for fun, and by drawing for fun, I am also improving my drawing skills. These two users eagerly asked to see some of my work, so I have obliged their request. Now, please keep in mind, I have a degree in art and MANY years of experience – I’ve been drawing image…
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