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My experience after my first month on Fiverr


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Hi Fiverrians!

This is my first post on this Forum.

In this topic I want to describe my experience after being on Fiverr for 1 month.
When starting my journey on Fiverr, I had one goal. And this is to earn some extra money on the side without hoping too much. So I did some research on the Gigs that I could offer. After hours of brainstorming and thinking where I am good at. I knew it!

I speak 4 languages so I want to make use out of it and become a writer and offer the writing of articles & translations in German, French, Dutch and English.

The surprise that I did not expect was that within my first month I made 207$ from 5 offers.

What did I learn in this time?

  • Do something you are good in and that you like to do.
  • Try not to compete with Gigs that are already saturated.
  • Be patient (Even if there is no activity for some days or weeks, just keep on thinking about what is working and what is not.)

Hope you enjoyed my short experience post and I hope that it could help some people! 🙂

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