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My hard days in fiverr


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Hello Fiverr lovers! What’s going on your Project,

I’m very disappointed with my work. Long time no order my profile. How can I get more Orders?


What’s going on your Project

I do not discuss my orders or clients with the general public.

I’m very disappointed with my work. Long time no order my profile.

Yes, two months without any new deliveries is a significant amount of time. Since, according to Fiverr, you haven’t done any work in at least two months, what active work are you currently disappointed with? What have you been doing that hasn’t been working out the way your hard work intends it to?

How can I get more Orders?

I encourage you to find this answer here on the forums. Your question has been asked – and answered – many times. In fact, I myself, just answered it – again – for someone else a few minutes ago. Perhaps you might find it beneficial to read the answer I provided to that other forum seller.

The forum is a wealth of information when it comes to helping new sellers. Those new sellers, however, do need to take the time to read and research solutions for themselves. Us veteran sellers usually end up with very tired fingers when we keep writing the same thing to everyone who asks these questions. Please support the health of my fingers, and explore what has already been written. 😉

In short, if you want more orders, you are going to need to connect to your target customers and convince them to hire you. If you want more clarify on this, you’ll just have to read the forum. Good luck!

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