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Hello, Fellow Freelancers!


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Glad to be here.
I’m a professional photographer and freelance translator for a renowned digital magazine, and I’m currently hoping that I can make some extra buck here on Fiverr (as I’m sure all you too are, as well).

Cracking the code to how Fiverr works is time-consuming and I’m trying to do my best, and after 3 months of no activity I’m trying my luck again. Let’s hope it works because I have so much to offer!

What do you guys do? How long have you been on Fiverr? Do you like it here? 🙂

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Hello, Welcome. I’ve only been a seller for a few days, but I have been a buyer for a few years. I’m selling my proofreading and editing expertise.
I agree that cracking the code to Fiverr is time-consuming, and I hope I can figure it all out. Best of luck to you.

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