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Buyer ordering decision factor


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Buyer Order decision mostly on the basis of reviews but in my opinion buyer should also keep in view the Gig description of some new seller that have low price and also talk with seller to judge his capability to work on that assignment.
Because new seller can give better quality of work with low price than that of high priced and over booked seller.

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I don’t think reviews matter as much as you think.

It’s no coincidence that people who tend to have more and better reviews, perform better overall as sellers or just straight up in their field.

That being said, I feel a prospect checking out your gig needs to feel you can deliver what they need, at their desired price point and you need to be able to answer as many questions as possible just with your gig’s description and images, as a lot of buyers don’t bother messaging you if they don’t feel like you are a good fit.

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