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Was delivered only 1 complete page of 7 that was ordered


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I am having a problem with a seller at the moment. I ordered 7 pages of comic book character designs from them they only have delivered 1 completed page out of 7 that was ordered. Then they sent another delivery of another page but only half of it was drawn/completed. I was more then willing to extend the deadline for another 4 days so they could finish and then they said they needed more time and I accepted another extension on their resolution for another 2 days. Now the time has expired for the order and I clicked on the “request modification” for the order but now it doesn’t even show a time just says “expected delivery on February 5th.” I paid for a $500 order and I don’t have the other 6 pages that paid for. Requesting that the seller cancel the order won’t do me any good cause they will just decline it. It is marked as “Delivered in revision” I have not accepted it yet. Should I just contact support so they can cancel it for me a credit me my money? Or what should I do?

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