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Introducing: Fiverr’s Rising Stars


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Sometimes you meet someone and you just know they’re bound for amazing things. It could be that young kid with the vast imagination or the newly minted student full of ideas to change the world. It’s that special combination of action, insight and compassion that makes a Rising Star.

We’re privileged at Fiverr® to watch sellers from day one as new entrepreneurs. We see them grow their business, build their financial freedom and change the lives of buyers and their fellow sellers. Over the years Fiverr has been witness to millions of buyers and sellers working together, gaining insight and knowledge that empowers and enriches the Gig® economy. Of course we have our Top Rated Sellers and Fiverr Super Sellers, but we also want to recognize some of our newer sellers who we feel deserve a shout out for their creativity, great service, talent and fast growing business.

Over the coming months we’ll be highlighting Fiverr’s Rising Stars, women and men who have caught our attention by demonstrating amazing potential. They are sellers who have impressive Gigs and we believe are people to keep a close eye on. It might be in the way they designed their Gigs, not only in what they offer, but how they offer it as well. It could be in how they deal with buyers, both in their customer care and the great feedback they receive from satisfied customers. Some have years of experience, others fantastic talent or shining portfolios.

Ultimately it’s about that secret combination of great qualities that come together in a seller and their Gigs that scream: “Watch out Fiverr – Here I come!”

We can’t wait to reveal our Fiverr Rising Stars in the coming months, showcasing a diverse range of talent from across the globe for our community to congratulate and celebrate with.

As always, let us know in the comments if you’re excited about our new program as we are! If you have any sellers in mind you believe have all the makings of a Fiverr Rising Star, tell us that too!

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