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Don't write off a Buyer. It ain't over til it's over


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if she/he cant answer while the orders in proceed shows zero…

Cant answer to my 3 mails, but as soon as I changed my rating from positive into negative, I got an answer. Not exactly answering my question again, but BEGGING twice to remove my negative rating.


Was just checking your profile AND the notification… Ask before you buy…

GREAT! wish they all did that!

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Wow, the same thing happened to me today, VoiceOverWork.

12/18/2013, received order.

12/23/2013, delivered.

Did not hear from Buyer.

1/8/2014, order “Cleared”.

1/18/2014, Buyer leaves great feedback.

I was pleasantly surprised and so happy because positive feedback feeds me!!

I’m so grateful that more than 90% of my buyers so far have left feedback. I encourage them to do so when I deliver.

You’re right… “it ain’t over till it’s over”

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Guest xboxer16

I guess there just isn’t enough reason for buyers to rate your gig. Maybe if Fiver added a program like “rate 10 gigs you buy and you get a dollar off”, then people would take the time to do this. Otherwise, you may never get a rating.

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I might be weird, but I dislike it when someone comes back from the past to leave feedback. It disrupts my mental flow.

I actually wish there was a time limit on feedback. I’ve got a buyer on my mind for about a week–a day or so before I start the project, while I’m working on their order, and a few days after. If people come to me with feedback or modification requests within that time frame, I’m a happy camper because I know exactly what’s going on. I know what I did right so I can duplicate it, or I find out what I did wrong so I can fix it and try to ensure it doesn’t happen again. But outside of that time frame, it starts to feel like an old boyfriend calling to say hi.

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Seems all sellers are on holiday.

wrote to 7 now, with just 1 simple question before I buy.

Nowhere any response!

Is it forbidden to ask you girls/guys something?

Would you go into a shop, put you money on the desk and wait what you get?

No one does.

If one cant communicate, one loses business. It is quiet simple.

Never and nowhere I experienced this before!

Maybe not all of them are like this, but do you expect from me to write to 136 sellers to get a normal answer? I am tired of this.

Maybe a name and shame will wake them up…

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Reply to @madmoo: you’re not sure what I talk about.

isnt this ON your profile: Please ask if you have any questions BEFORE placing an order, to ensure you get the best possible results and to avoid unnecessary delays or cancellations.

And THAT is exactly what I am doing with these girls/guys!!

After several days, ans several messages to them… NOT ONE ANSWER.

it is no use here I see, getting tired of almost begging… hey… arent they the sellers??? Shouldnt they move.

Thank you anyway for responding to me.

but I cant take it serious here anymore, never I experienced this anywhere before.

The good suffer from the bad again.

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